CACHIE’s mission is to support Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in improving quality of care and health outcomes through data driven improvement processes.

CACHIE encompasses all of Colorado Community Managed Care Network's (CCMCN) health information technology (HIT) projects including data warehousing, analytics, support services and its role in Colorado’s Regional Extension Center (REC).  CCMCN is a non-profit network organization with 12 Colorado FQHCs as members.  CCMCN’s mission is to provide services that enable Colorado’s FQHCs and their community partners to succeed as efficient, effective and accountable systems of care.

1) Data analytics includes the following elements: data extraction, warehousing, standardization, data quality, reporting and analytics. CACHIE's data analytics functions are being built for the following purposes:

  • Measure and improve the quality of care in CHCs
  • Understand and improve population health
  • Identify process and outcome variations and best care practices
  • Improve the quality of electronic data through provider coaching, structured input methods and culture change
  • Demonstrate health disparities and the impact of care interventions in advocating for underserved populations
  • Produce required reports for external entities including federal, state and private funders
  • Serve as a platform for research and innovation
  • Provide data to measure and improve clinical performance improvement in value driven reimbursement arrangements including ACOs.

CACHIE's data analytics functions are supported by grants during the development phase, including historical funding from HRSA, AHRQ and TCHF. When these functions are operational, they will be supported by user fees.

2) Application Support and Hosting currently pertains to a menu of services offered to providers using the NextGen EHR and EPM systems. This may be expanded to other applications as demands dictate. Participating organizations may employ the hosting service at the CACHIE data center, but CACHIE also manages hosting services provided by other vendors. CACHIE application support and hosting services exist for the following purposes:

  • Create economies of scale through the efficient, effective use of expert staff and technical resources across a broad base of aligned users. Enable smaller organizations to benefit from the economies normally available only to larger practices.
  • Concentrate specialized talent and application expertise at a central hub, enabling optimal system performance for participating organizations.
  • Serve as a center for best practice identification and dissemination, including system setup, upgrade management, templates and reporting.
  • Offer high quality, responsive service to participants on an everyday basis.

CACHIE's application support and hosting services are supported through user payments. If HRSA ever moves to a base funding model for networks, these services could be partly subsidized through HRSA grants at that time.

3) Professional Services and Technical Assistance pertains to CACHIE's work in support of CHCs achieving Meaningful Use of EHR technology. These services may include the following components, depending on the needs of each CHC:

  • Evaluation and selection of EHR systems
  • Project management and training services for EHR implementation
  • Project management of vendor upgrades that support Stage I Meaningful Use
  • Work flow analysis and provider coaching
  • Testing and measurement of CHC progress toward MU achievement criteria
  • Provider registration and demonstration of MU incentives to HCPF
  • Network Security and HIPAA security compliance

The above Professional  Services and Technical Assistance are currently provided through CACHIE's Regional Extension Center (REC) subcontract with Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO).

Projects of CACHIE include:

Colorado Regional Extension Center (CO-REC)
Colorado Community Managed Care Network (CCMCN) is a Colorado Regional Extension Center (CO-REC) partner subcontracting with Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO).

Scalable Architecture for Federated Translational Inquiries Network (SAFTINet)
The overall goals of the SAFTINet project are to enhance the capacity and capability of a safety net focused distributed research network to conduct prospective comparative effectiveness research (CER) via a multi-setting, multi-state organization. CCMCN/CACHIE carries out the role of a “grid node” in this federated research network in which data from two member CHCs can be queried.

Clinical Advisory Workgroup (CAWG)
The Clinical Advisory Workgroup (CAWG) is a CACHIE subcommittee comprised of Medical Directors and Quality Improvement leaders from CHCs who meet bi-weekly. The CAWG works to make decisions regarding the disease metrics that are most meaningful for monitoring and improving health outcomes and health care, the specification of chosen metrics, and determination of additional ancillary information required for the data warehouse to ensure optimal value of the data for end users.

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